Today psl match live is an article which provide all the informations related to online mobile applications. which telivises live cricket. pakistan super league is second greatest and most popular league in the world specifically in Asia after ipl. PSL is like and watch in huge number within Pakistan and outside Pakistan.

Psl trophy

The players selections in the playing eleven for each team is four players included in the team from overseas. And seven players from domestically, up till now due to some security issues in Pakistan, the matches were scheduled in UAE , Dubai and Abu Dhabi cricket stadiums, Recently the tournament is fully scheduled in Pakistan. So far up till now no big stars and internationally renowned players are participated in any franchise.

Due to very fast famousness of the cricket League of pakistan, it’s expected that very soon the international big stars and cricket giants would join PSL and contribute their part in the successfulness of the league.

This article helps you that you could easily understand and inform about the app and channels which currently televising PSL matches. These app and channels are user friendly for any Android and iOS devices.

Here the list of apps and channels as.

  • willow tv
  • Tampad app
  • Jazz tv
  • Mjunoon tv
  • Goonj tv
  • sony live
  • official PSL app
  • Cric buzz PSL live
  • ESPN live PSL score

Willow tv

Willow tv is online app for Android and iOS phone which telivises online cricket streaming. The PSL fans in America and Canada can use this app in their smartphones and easy watch live PSL matches in their phone screens. This app is high usage and verify at Google Play store and also user friendly expreinces.

Tampad App

Tampad free download application is news and entertainment tv channel.which provide hundered of channel and also on demand streaming you can watch live PSL streaming, live scores updates and many more. People could understand the user safety and privacy policy of tampad app at Google Play store. It’s verified and highly rated channel.

Jazz tv

Jazz tv is mobile application channel which could entertain you, televising tens of chanels on sports and may watch live PSL score streaming updates on jazz tv by downloading on your Android and iOS devices.

Mjunoon tv

junoon tv is free mobile app where Pakistani user can watch today psl match live streaming. live scores, updates news channels you may also watch PTV sport and Geo super sports channels on this app.

Goonj tv

Goonj tv provide premium services with cheap rates to the users. Cricket fans can watch live cricket matches sports channels, PSL updates and live matches through goonj app you can also watch PTV sports on goonj app. Data security and safety is verified at goonj tv while positive user experiences.


Sony live is sports and entertainment Chanel which provide hundred of channels on sports. Cricket fans easily watch live matches on the app while downloading on their smartphones.

Official PSL app

Official PSL app is mobile application where you can watch all PSL matches live coverages updates and score this app is not use to run more commercial ads.

cricbuzz psl live

Cricbuzz is live cricket application for mobile Android and iOS devices. cricbuzz televised PSL matches schedules venues live updates, score, live streaming and major cricket events. It’s verified at Google Play store application which show positive user experiences.

ESPN live PSL score

You can also watch PSL live streaming matches and update on ESPN news.


In this modern and busy schedule of people it’s very difficult for some one to sit all the day in front of tv or big screen. And enjoy whole matches of pls so far the mobile applications discuss in this article provide useful information to some one who can watch live matches and updates about sports like psl on their mobile phones.

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