Arm ball in cricket is the fact that finger spinners have a lot of spin in their fingers is not a myth. as finger spinners make this skill very much to their advantage. Such pitches always aid the spin bowlers, the fast bowlers often do not find any purchase from such surfaces. Also the top-spinners can easily dominate even a top-rank batsman if given the required support.

Inswing ball by a finger spinner

Finger spinners have to rely on the incoming ball, but not on their wrist. Arm ball in cricket is aspin arm has to be below the wrist for the spin ball to be produced.

Arm ball

India’s Kiran Kulkarni is currently the best finger spinner in India, and he is playing for Lancashire, England. He has been particularly successful in limited overs matches, though he bowls the occasional leg spin as well.

Australia has its own spin wizard Steve O’Keefe, who has managed to grab 34 wickets in four tests against Pakistan. He is now playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2016.

Thus a spin ball bowler does not need to spin a lot to cause trouble for a top-ranked batsman. He can get a good grip of the ball without spinning much, and use his spin effectively to induce a top-spin into the bat. As the bowler spins the ball pass the bat the top-spin creates doubt about where the ball is going. This can really upset the top-order batsman.

His finger-spinners will usually spin the ball more than the top-spinners. The two are altogether different in terms of bowling the ball. A spin-bowling finger-spin bowler needs to have a strong wrist, but the top-spinners are more of a spin arm.

Batsman has know arm ball spin in cricket

If talk about arm ball in cricket ‘knowledge is power’ and every batman needs to know about finger spinners.

So the batsmen will have to play each and every bowler without worrying about whether he has a top-spin and a finger spin bowler. They just need to play each ball on merit. So a regular top-class batsman should be able to manage a top-spin bowler quite easily, even if he has to play two top-spinners once.

is it easy for arm spinner to deceit top batsman

Even the newer generation of spinners should have no difficulty to overcome a top-class batsman if the batsman has taken good enough knowledge of such bowlers. As the batsmen get older they tend to rely more on their wrist, and the spin arm is not as strong. Hence they have to make a conscious effort to not give away too many boundaries on the spin, though they may want to hit the ball further when the spin is not as effective.

As the batsmen can predict where the ball will go, and they also get an idea of the bowler’s strength, the pressure is on the batsmen a lot less.

When the ball is turning even slightly there will be no room for hesitation in hitting a shot. The batsman will know he is in the right spot and his score will be checked if he misreads the spin. Hence a good knowledge of spin is vital to an entire cricket team to not let a top-class batsman settle down too comfortably, and not letting such batsmen be settled down is one of the key points of a team game.

All batsmen who are afraid of the spinning ball should be afraid of every single fast or top-spin bowler. Even a slow top-spinner will give you a fair amount of runs, if the batsman plays the ball on merit.

Every ball is a new ball, and the batsman should be intelligent enough to make full use of this.

The top-spinners will be in a position to be master-minded by a top-class player. A top-class player can keep him down with quality batting. An ordinary batsman who tries to play a top-spin ball will usually be in trouble.

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