in cricket the “Point region” refers to a specific area on the field, where the fielding position of a player is located. The Point region is position on the off side of the cricket field. Generally between the cover fielder and the backward point fielder. It is usually located square of the wicket on the off side.

Point region

point region

This region is named after the fielding position of “Point,” which is a player station in this area. The Point fielder is responsible for covering the region. And stopping or intercepting shots hitting in this direction.

Scoring runs in point region

The objective of a batsman is to score runs, however the batsmen hitting the ball into gaps in the field, including this fielding zone. Scoring runs in the Point region usually involves playing a shot known as a “short drive,” where the batsman plays the ball with a horizontal bat. And aims to hit it along the ground towards that area. On timing the shot well and placing it accurately, the batsman can score runs in the Point region.

Sometimes, when the ball is hit with power or placement. The batsman may be able to hit the ball past the Point fielder and into the boundary, scoring a four or six. This is known as a “defensive boundary” because the batsman did not intend to hit the ball to the boundary. But still managed to do so while trying to score runs. The skill of scoring runs in the Point region can vary from batsman to batsman. Some batsmen may excel at playing shots in that area and have a higher likelihood of scoring runs through the Point region compared to others. Batsmen with good technique and timing often have a better chance of finding gaps in the field and accumulating runs in that region.

Fielding in point region

On the other hand, fielding teams may also be aware of a batsman’s strengths and weaknesses. including their ability to score runs in the cover region. If the pitch or conditions favor the bowlers, or if the fielding team identifies a particular weakness in the batsman’s game. They may strategically place fielders in the Point region to counter the batsman’s scoring opportunities.

Fielders in the line-up may be positioned strategically to prevent easy runs in this spot. They may be placed closer to the batsman or deeper towards the boundary. Depending on factors such as the type of bowler and the match situation. Also the specific strengths and weaknesses of the batsman. The fielding team aims to create pressure on the batsman and increase the chances of getting them out. While limiting their scoring options and inducing them to make mistakes.

field placement in point region according to batting

Cricket is a strategic game where fielding teams constantly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of batsmen and adjust their field placements and bowling tactics accordingly. This includes placing fielders strategically in this region to counter the batsman’s scoring opportunities and increase the chances of dismissing them out.

Some common techniques

Here are some common techniques batsman used to score in point region

Square Drive

Batsmen can play a square drive shot, where they hit the ball with a horizontal bat. Aiming to send it along the ground towards the Point region. This shot requires good timing and placement to find the gap and beat the fielders.

Back-foot Punch

Batsmen can play a back-foot punch, also known as a cut shot. While using the pace of the ball and guiding it towards this place. This shot is play while transferring the weight to the back foot and using the horizontal bat to place the ball into the gap.

Late Cut

Batsmen can execute a late cut shot to score runs in the Point region. This shot involves waiting for the ball to come close to the body. And then guiding it past the fielders behind square on the off side.


Batsmen can play a glide shot, where they use the pace of the ball and deflect it towards this region. This shot requires precise timing and soft hands to control the ball and place it into the gap.


Ultimately it’s important for batsmen to assess the line, length, and pace of the delivery. To determine the most appropriate technique for scoring runs in this region. They must also consider the fielding positions, the pitch conditions, and their own strengths as a batsman.

So far practicing these techniques and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, batsmen can improve their ability to score runs effectively in this spot and take advantage of any scoring opportunities that arise.

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