Bump ball in cricket

This ball has two definitions that have evolved over the years. The bump ball is define as the ball hiting the ground immediately near the bat of the batsman. After connecting the bat and goes to the hands of the fielder. defines bump ball as a very short delivery that a batsman has to avoid.

A batsman will only receive a bump ball if he is standing inside the boundary. or within three yards of the edge of the field. Hence, bump ball is usually only delivered by an off-spinner.or a new ball bowler in that format. For example, when you see a bowler like Pato or Murali throwing a flat ball to anyone. with a gentle tap on the chest or at least a few taps on the face. that is a bump ball.

The ball that gets you out is normally much shorter. A bump ball that gets you out is when you catch it with a two-footed follow through. Even if you don’t get the ball with a proper bump or with a bump ball, you will get hit on your back.

Is Bump Ball a practical delivery.

Bump ball may seem like a very practical delivery that you can use while batting. The problem is the bowler will not pitch a ball up to you on purpose. He will always try to adjust his line after putting you into the trap. He knows if you can get out or survive, you will only have two feet left to make an impact on the ball.

The purpose of a ball that gets you out. is to try and get you out and not to hit you on the arm or knee. This ball is a deliberate ball from the bowler. To make a threat that he will deliver a bumper ball at any time he wants.

Impact of a Bump Ball.

The best way to make an impact with a ball that has a longer trajectory is to be a little careless. In the preparation and pitch your bat or shoulder forward just to see how the ball reacts.

It is similar to how you would protect yourself from a cricket ball as a bowler. Stands you up with the ball. If you don’t make a good impact, the bowler is more likely to give you another chance. And one bump ball is all it takes to get you out.

Some batsmen are expert at controlling the ball with their bat. When they are expecting a ball in their direction. You can do the same by getting out the first ball. As a result, you will be less likely to get out. with a bump ball if the ball lands in a place where you could potentially hit it on the hand or even on the head.

use of leather ball in cricket

All these disadvantages of cricket balls are totally removed with the use of leather balls. At a normal batting practice session in the nets, you can usually count on a ball that has the exact trajectory as a leather ball.

Your stance is mostly like a normal cricket stance while batting with a leather ball. If a ball comes within a few yards of hitting the top of the bat, it will leave a perfect gap and take your bat completely off the ball. It might hit you on the middle or somewhere else. In the cricket game, you can get out even with that.

You can get out even with the normal ball because there is more danger in not hitting the ball off the bat. The danger of being bowled out is much higher if you fail to connect with a ball. That is at least three yards away from your body.

It is amazing how a ball that is four inches short can leave a powerful impact on the body. If it is delivered with precision.

pros and cons

A good back foot hit on the ball will usually do the trick and get you out instantly. A good bump ball, a ball that travels very slowly and is usually pitched only for a few bounces .or as a bouncer, will rarely get you out.

Most of the time the bowler has to guess if you have the skill to deal with a ball that gets you out easily. A ball that is shorter and drops in as you approach the ball is the easiest to deliver. All you need to do is to catch the ball on your shoulder.

If you have the skill, you can also take a good stride and clear the ball with your bat. It is only then that the ball hits your elbow or shoulder. There is no danger that the ball will be delivered to your wrist. or arm as a ball that gets you out usually hits your bat in the shoulder area.

You can get out even with a ball that is a bit short and drops in. But it takes a lot of practice and skill to get an accurate input. To take a good stride and clear the ball with a bump ball. You need to have a very good basic technique to play the bump ball. A lot of people have a weak back foot and lose their balance while while dealing with bump ball.

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