Beamer Ball in cricket

Beamer ball in cricket

In cricket, a beamer is a no-ball delivery. For not releasing the ball after giving an ample time to the batsman. To adjust his stance. In cricket, a beamer can be any ball coming in between the legs of the batsman. And hitting him between the legs.

Beamers are somewhat common as in a scenario if a bowler bowls at an awkward length. or a wrong line or a different pace. chances are that the batsman would not adjust his approach. So the bowler has to execute their delivery without worrying about giving a beamer.

Length of Beamer Ball

beamers are define as the delivery where the bowler give an approximate delivery length to the batsman. and the ball is not even touch the bat and the batsman.

Beamers gives a chance for the batsman to hit the ball straight. if it hits the bat with plenty of power. Beamer is generally give as a chance to hit the ball safely. but if the batsman fails to hit the ball with their bat. The batsman gets out. If the ball comes to the batsman directly outside off-stump. or the ball bounces outside off-stump. The batsman can’t hit the ball with enough power. to hit the boundary. As the rule reads, a beamer is awarded for an irregular delivery. or for an overstepping of lines or a different pace.

Beamers in cricket

In a single-day match, a team is allow seven overs to hit the opposition bowlers. for a total of six or seven beamer deliveries. If a team completes the full quota of beamer deliveries, then the batsman gets out. The teams must complete the quota before the completion of their respective innings. If the team fails to get through all the beamer deliveries. The bowler gets out from the next delivery.

There are three things that the batsman has to focus to play a good cricketing shot. Firstly, he has to adapt his stance for a different angle . To play the ball. If the bowler bowls to him with the same length. He will adjust his stance. So the batsman should adjust his stance for different lengths. Before getting a beamer. Secondly, he has to keep his bat in the position where he wants to hit the ball. Thirdly, the batsman should be able to hit the ball with enough power. to hit the boundary. or the ball could hit the top of the bat. So if a bowler gives a beamer to the batsman, it is not a beamer ball in cricket. As the bowler not gives a beamer ball and the ball can be delivers perfectly.

Beamer in batting point of view.

A beamer ball in cricket can be a huge benefit for a batsman. As the ball can fly outside the off-stump and the batsman can just step out of his stance. And hit the ball with enough power to hit the boundaries. A bad shot could cost the player his wicket. So in a situation if the batsman hits the ball well with full powerpower, he can get a boundary. or a minimum of two or three runs. If he misses it, then the bowlers have to bowl another ball to a new batsman. So the bowler is given an opportunity to get a wicket if he hits the ball well.

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Beamer Balls vs Beamer Bats

Raju Gaikwad, Wasim Akram, Stuart Broad and Matthew Hayden are some of the famous names . In the cricketing field, who are given beamer deliveries regularly. They are considered as some of the best batsmen in the world. And even some of the beamer deliveries have landed in the boundary area of the batsmen.

Most of the famous batsmen that are given beamer deliveries are Virat Kohli, Joe Root, AB de Villiers, Shane Watson, David Warner, Hashim Amla, Brian Lara, Kevin Pietersen, Kumar Sangakkara, Mohammad Beawar, Sanath Jayasuriya, Sachin Tendulkar, Inzamam, Brendon McCullum, Yuvraj Singh and David Warner.

Beamer bats are made for exceptional batsmen. There are those that are considered good in cricket. but don’t have the power to hit the ball with power. The only ones who can hit the ball well are the ones who have the power to hit the ball. And these beamer bats could be the only help to these poor batsmenbatsmen. who have not got the power in the bat to hit the ball.

What is the cricket rule that says about beamer balls?

There are different cricketing rules that are mentioned for different situations. One of the important rules is the rule that says that a cricket bowler can bowl a beamer to a batsman. That is a special ball in cricket that is given to a team to get a wicket. The batsman can be given the bowl even if the bowler is going for an over-pitched ball or the ball is not a beamer. Also, if the ball is hit safely in the air and lands in the boundary line or the boundary ropes, then it is counted as a beamer ball in cricket. Also, a ball that hits the bat only with the back leg is a beamer ball in cricket.

The third rule is that the fielding side can delivered a beamer ball to a batsman. Even if the bowler hits the ball well with full power. In a situation where the batsman gets a beamer ball in cricket, the batsman can be given a beamer bat in cricket too.


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