Icc cricket ODI world cup

Icc world cup

The article What is ICC cricket ODI world Cup is focuses all about the odi matches, major titles, and mega events. Icc world cup tournament is an international cricket match tournament, international cricket council organizes this tournament once in a four years in cricket playing countries. The very first world cup was played in 1975 in england, west indies cricket team won the match beating australia in final. eight teams were participated in the tournament total of fifteen matches played between june 7 to 21 june 1975 the participating teams include. pakistan, sri lanka, India, west indies, England, Australia, East Africa, and New zealand.

ICC ODI world titles

There have total 12 world cup season played till now the most is winning team is australia. winning 5 world cup titles including three consecutive world Cup titles.
Currently england is the world champion in men’s one-day international world cup while defeating New zealand in final in 2022.

The ICC one day international cricket is in short form as ODI cricket. This format of cricket is consist of 50 50 overs each side in a single day to be played. This format is very famous after 1971 with the introduction of limited overs cricket. currently there have three formats in cricket like test cricket, one day cricket and t20 cricket.

ICC ODI champions ship

Over the years international cricket council introduced champions trophy matches in ODI format. Among the higher ranking teams of the cricketing nations. The champions trophy matches played among 8 eight highest ranking teams.

Number of icc ODI matches played

After the introduction of this ODI format and then there have been almost 4000 plus matches played. In ODI format team India played most matches among rest of the teams. one day international cricket got very improved. In terms of inventions of new rules, boundary restrictions, fielding restrictions, power hitting. And Fours, sixes, and highest totals and attractive salaries of players. And also hunting of different talented players. In modern cricket league matches are strongly recognized in the sense of finding of new telants. Further club and domestic cricket also find new telants.

One day international cricket is also improved and commercialised with the well infrastructure and greatest ever grounds, and technologies. And it’s easy access to watch matches for every one comparison to tracked back to olden days cricket. Because in those era there have no internet and other technologies which make the cricket that much famous and commercialised.
The enormous sums of money that have poured into the sport. over the past 20 years are the best example of how sports have changed.

Statistics about icc ODI CwC

For the comparatively pitiful sum of roughly $13m in 1999, the BBC and Sky Sports purchased. The TV rights to broadcast the World Cup in the United Kingdom.

From 626,845 tickets sold in 2003 to more than 1.1 million in 2015. ticket sales have continuously climbed. After the International Cricket Council (ICC) received more than 2.5 million applications for the online poll. it is anticipated that the 2019 World Cup would drawn even more fans.

The athletes’ pay have risen dramatically throughout this. According to reports, MS Dhoni, a former Indian captain, makes between $25m and $32m annually.

List of Icc ODI Title champion teams and year of winning

Year. Winning Team

  • Team England 2019
  • Team Australia 2015
  • Team India 2011
  • Team Australia 2007
  • Team Australia 2003
  • Team Australia 1999
  • Team Sri lanka 1996
  • Team Pakistan 1992
  • Team Australia 1987
  • Team India 1983
  • Team West indies 1979
  • Team West indies 1975

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