Batting shots in cricket is more difficult than many think. Because the standard of today’s batsmen and the ever-improving pace attacks. In the world cricket make it difficult to score runs consistently. Inspite to this, all the great batsman playing in the world cricket. Have got skills and techniques to play the various stylish and improvised batting shots. which make the cricket very fantastic and creating curiosity in fans to watch.

The role of mastery in batting shots in cricket

Cricket batting is an important aspect of the game. It is all about time and timing. When an experienced player steps on the pitch, he knows which shot to play which is vital for the team’s success. Every team has a settled batting line-up and each batsman gets set once his team sets the target. Cricket batting technique incorporates a lot of physical and mental elements which determine the success of a player.

Impact of shorter form of cricket in batting shots.

The shorter forms of the game do not provide a respite from the stress of running between the wickets, in shortform of cricket like T20 and T10 leagues formates the batting is very fast. So far the batters generally rely on big shots instead of running between wickets for a single and couples. thats why short formate is the pioneer to producing of stylish and imorovised batting shots. and this is where wrist spinners are very useful, to restrict the batting and adding more runs to the total.

5 types of batting shots

There are various batting shots played in modern cricket. this writing just mentioned five major cricketing shots which are commonly known.

What is cover Drive.

Cover drive in cricket is a straight drive played in cricket. that batsmen play to clear their bats in a shot. An action used to score runs for a batsman. The cover drive is the most common stroke played.

The name of the stroke is derived from the fielders covering it during the match. The cover drive requires a good amount of technique and mastery of skill.

Cricket pull shot.

one of cricket’s most forceful shots, done off the back foot, towards the leg side. against a short delivery (bowled at about waist height). The secrets to playing a hook effectively? agility and readiness! While your back foot, shoulders, and head move back . And across, your front leg serves as the shots foundation. How do you prevent the ball from spooning up? When the ball strikes the bat. roll your wrists while guiding the ball downward. At this point, your weight shifts from your back leg to your front leg. To stay upright, keep your head still ballanced.

Describe the Hook shot.

This is one of the most stunning photos, in this article. But it’s also one of the trickiest to get off technically. When played well, the hook is a batsman’s way of asserting his dominance over the bowler. And is used to handle the potentially dangerous short ball. (bowled between chest and head height). When not: The fielders are only waiting to pout it as a miss hit (or the batsman getting clobbered in the face). The key to performing this shot successfully is maintaining balance while swinging the arms through the path of the ball as you direct it toward the line separating the square from the fine leg.

Cricket Cut shot.

It is the ideal shot to punish a ball that is short and wide outside off because it is powerfully executed! A cross bat shot is executed with a lot of force and a free arm swing. The wrists are rolled to keep the ball in the air and prevent it from spooning to the gully. It is one of the most popular scoring shots square of the wicket and typically ends with a flourish.

Sweep In cricket.

One of the best strokes to use against spinners. Take a nice step toward a ball that is not very high bouncing as it travels down the leg. Swing your bat across your body and down to the ground. Roll your wrists to hold the ball down at the point of collision with the ball (in front of the pad).

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