Fielding positions in cricket best describe as the major and most important fielding positions. which denote as the catching close to pitch fielding positions in cricket.

Maneuvering in the field could be one of the reasons cricket is not played. As often as it was in the era before regulations. Dictation depict that a bowler should get three mandatory chances of a maximum of 15 deliveries at a batsman in a game.

Fielding was viewed as a specialist’s field in the early days. The difficulty, as always, was the value of a single player. close catching fielding positions are termed as. The wicket keeper position, the slip, gully, leg slip, silly gully, leg gully. Also include silly point, silly mid off, short leg, and silly mid on.

The wicketkeeper

This cricket fielding position is behind the stumps at the batting end of the pitch. In the playing XI of a cricket match, there is only one wicketkeeper, and it is an important fielding position. The wicketkeeper typically stands close to the stumps for a spinner. while standing a few steps back for a fast bowler.

It slips

The slips are another important area on a cricket pitch. First slip, second slip, third slip, and fourth slip are the four primary fielding positions in cricket. You are not require to use each of these areas at the same time. Though! Slip fielders often use the cricket wicket keeper’s fielding placements to identify where they should be. The wicketkeeper is frequently closer to the batsman than the first slip in the majority of professional teams.


The slip fielder line continues at the gully position. As a result, a gully fielder will remain on the same diagonal line. So the other slip fielders while standing in front of them.

Leg sway

The leg slip position is the exact opposite of the traditional slip locations and is behind the wicket on the batsman’s leg side. It’s not used nearly as frequently as other positions, though! It is extremely rare for more than one fielder to be present at once when the captain chooses to use the leg slip fielding position.

Body Gully

The leg gully position and leg slip position are quite similar, with the exception that the leg gully position will be a little wider on the batsman’s leg side.

Stupid point

There is a cricket fielding position on the opposite side of the field that is pretty close to the batsman. They ought to be positioned in front of the batsman at a 45-degree angle. The silly point fielder should make sure to stay off the cricket pitch while the bowler is warming up by standing around a metre away.

foolish mid-off

It’s a different cricket fielding position that’s quite close to the hitter and is located on the offside of the field. When compared to the silly point position, the fielder will be straighter this time.

brief leg

With the exception of being on the batsman’s leg side, it is essentially the same as a stupid point.

Inane mid-on

The penultimate fielding position is adjacent to the batsman and on the leg side and is much straighter than short leg.

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