Big Bash League

KFC big Bash league is an australian t20 cricket league. BBL is introduced in 2011, big bash league team’s include Adelaide Strikers , Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder.

Tournament Rule

The tournaments use rules not seen in any of the traditional formats of the game. Here’s a look at what some of the quirks of the Big Bash mean to cricket fans:

Each year a team is rewarded with $1.8 million for winning the Big Bash and a chance to play a qualifying tournament in the UK. This enables players to make multi-million dollar, one-day international careers.

Famous players from big bash league

The Big Bash also provides a platform for developing young players in Australia. Big players such as David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Adam Voges and Mitchell Starc are products of the Big Bash.

According to Craig McDermott, the former Australian captain, Australia has been quick to embrace the Big Bash, but claims it’s a “niche format”.

“I think it’s a real positive,” McDermott said. “The first one-day international you can probably say there’s three teams playing under rules that are quite similar to what they’ll play in the Big Bash.”

No proper cricket is played in England between August and December. Yet an unprecedented five million people have watched the Big Bash so far.

Fox sports Television partner with BBL

Steve Orchard, the presenter of Fox Sports’ Big Bash coverage, has also seen huge changes in the game. He believes a game can develop beyond its origins when it evolves from being a pure sport to something that is well served by a wide range of spectators.

“To have people watching it on TV who haven’t previously ever really been into cricket, they’re getting into it and doing so as avid sports fans, as enthusiasts,” Orchard said.

Share The Big Bash has become one of the biggest sporting events on television.

what factors make the game more entertaining

The Big Bash also features two new rules designed to make the game more entertaining. One change gives the referee more power. Another sees batsmen able to take a dive or stretch out their arms to try to force a loose delivery to the ground.

These changes came about as part of a review that took place after the 2013 cricket World Cup. A rival league wanted to amend the game to add rules, in particular that batsmen be allowed to drive or reverse swing the ball, but they had to withdraw their proposals when the Big Bash rejected the changes.

It is now a closed game. A batsman does not know where the ball is headed or what the ball will do. There is no protection to the batsman. Therefore the sport needs to take on a different feeling.

Some glimses to 2017 big bash league season

The 2017 Big Bash begins on 7 December, with a huge star-studded opening ceremony. Australian cricket team stars and entertainers will be involved.
In cricket terms, it seems the game is in perfect order. But the Big Bash is not a game that can be played with arms tied behind your back. It’s been set up to give cricket the fan base it needs and it’s done it well.

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Clarification (January 18, 2017): This article has been amended to clarify that cricket has retained a much wider audience, with an estimated 1.2 million people attending its most recent international matches. The Big Bash has attracted an estimated 5.3 million people since its inception in 2011.
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External Content Data levels are also higher, with 2,500 tweets being sent per game. compared to 400 tweets per international game.

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