ipl kickoff in 2008 as a T20 cricket league. Indian cricket board BCCI formally anaugrated ipl. As its first season there have 8 teams enrolled and the Rajasthan Royals is the first winner on may 22. there have been 15 seasons played as of now, Mumbai Indians wins most titles.

Growth of IPL

The IPL, Indian premier league is the production of BCCI. This league grown to be the most lucrative and well-like cricket league in the world. Matches typically start in the late afternoon or early evening. so that at least some of the games can play at night under floodlights, for international television broadcasts. Prior to the planned expansion to 10 clubs (divided into two groups of five) in 2011. league matches are play in a home-and-away basis between all teams.

Changes in tournament play offs formats

However, this format is change so that some teams’ matches would only be play once. Three play-off matches are played between the top four teams, and one losing club is granted, a second chance to advance to the championship game. To increase prospective television revenue.

In the tournament’s play-off phase, the top four teams compete in a series of knockout matches. that provide one team that lost its first-round game a second chance. to proceed to the championship game. The top cricket players in the world, who had rarely made as much money as their counterparts. in other professional sports, became millionaires practically overnight with the debut of the IPL.

In auctions held by the league, the owners of the IPL franchises, which included major corporations. Bollywood movie stars, and media moguls, compete for the top players. The financially sound Mumbai Indians is the largest payroll when the IPL first began, topping $100 million.

Some players costly to the franchises.

In the first season of psl Chennai super king hire Mahendra singh Dhoni’s services for $1.5 million. Kolkata knight Riders acquire Gautam Gambhir’s services as the captain who perform opening batting for the Indian national side. Cost to KKR for $2.4 million in 2011.

IPL origins Franchises.

The Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Deccan Chargers (located in Hyderabad). Delhi Daredevils, Punjab XI Kings (Mohali), Kolkata Knight Riders, and Rajasthan Royals were the eight original franchises.

Due to violations of the BCCI’s ownership regulation. two franchises, Rajasthan and Punjab, were banned from the league in late 2010. however, they were eventually reinstated in time for the 2011 competition.
The Kochi Tuskers Kerala and the Pune Warriors are the two new teams that have entered the IPL for the 2011 season. Just one season had passed for the Kochi club before the BCCI ended its contract.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad team take the position of the Deccan Chargers in the IPL in 2013. The first competition, which lasted 44 days in 2008, was won by the Rajasthan Royals. a team from a lesser market, under the leadership of the legendary Australian bowler Shane Warne.

Nature of IPL format.

Twenty20 cricket, usually known as T20, is a condensed version of cricket that, when it introduces in 2003. with new rules that place greater emphasis on hitting and scoring, transform the game and attract a new audience.

The fundamental rules remain the same as in the longer versions. but innings are limited to 20 overs per side (an over consists of six balls deliver. or throw, to a batsman at the opposite wicket). with a maximum of four overs for each bowler. and there are restrictions on the placement of fielders design to encourage big hitting from the batsmen and high scores.

T20 cricket quickly become the most popular and lucrative format, especially in India. where the Indian Premier League (IPL) draws sizable crowds to the matches. and millions more watch on television. The former Test batsman Martin Crowe produce a condense version of cricket known as Cricket Max in New Zealand in the 1990s. but the England and Wales Cricket Board set the official rules for T20. While the English county teams play in the first competition in 2003.

IPL seasons and team wins.

2022 Gujarat Titans
2021 Chennai super kings
2020 Mumbai Indians
2019 Mumbai Indians
2018 Chennai Super Kings
2017 Mumbai Indians
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2015 Mumbai Indians
2014 Kolkata Knight Riders
2013 Mumbai Indians
2012 Kolkata Knight Riders
2011 Chennai Super Kings
2010 Chennai Super Kings
2009 Deccan Chargers
2008 Rajasthan Royals

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